Saturday, May 31, 2014

Karmic Love

Baby I’ll be there by your Side,
Cause in your heart I do Reside,
I’ll Stay there even if,
There comes a tide,
Baby I’ll be there by your Side.
Our Love is like forever,
You Dont know how much I care.

I’ll hold you when you're down,
Cause you’re my Queen without a Crown.

I’ll call that aunty and ask her If  I am Sane?
Removing you out of my brain,
Seems So much Like Pain.

Come and Stay here In my hug,
Cause for me its a Healing Drug.

The wind reminds me of you,
It hits the chime,
Babby I want to ask you one thing,
Will You be partner in Each Crime ....!!!!!!!!!!

Baby I’ll be there by your Side,
Cause in your heart I do Reside,
I’ll Stay there even if,
There comes a tide,
Baby I’ll be there by your Side.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just One Last time

One thing stops my brain, Further i couldn’t rhyme.
Today its the One last time.!
To forget them would be very hard,
with them we also have become retard.
The time passed by, so soon, sitting in the Canteen
Every morning and noon.
Nobody could take us, up to the class,
Still we managed to pass,
Every time with first class.
The last minute presentation,
Every time fucking up the impression.
The Late night exam preparation,
Sleeping in the next 20 minutes due to exhaustion.
Getting debarred for attendance was a yearly task.
Then going up to the principal with a Puppy face mask.
But hukka, dubstep and trance,
Missing them was never a chance.
Alphabets may actually start with ABC ,
But while texting for us it means Ae BC’
Not a single day with complete home-made food,
Going to vada-paw guy who say’s ‘YO, do u want this, DUDE ?’
One thing stops my brain, Further i couldn’t rhyme.
Today its the One last time.!
To forget them would be very hard,
with them we also have become retard.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Idea that Changed my Life (Must Read)

Crushing the cigarette bud on the ashtray, i was thinking about the growing problems in my life.

Everyday some or the other thing happened making me sad and irritated. It went from bad to worse in the last 3 weeks. Just then due to some work I opened my locker which was untouched since a couple of years (I was at my hostel). Actually i even forgot “that Locker” still existed.  In that locker somewhere in the end,I found a shaddy brown bag which was heavy and it looked ugly. Very Ugly.

I opened it and found about 300-350 stones in it ranging from small to big sizes of stones.Seeing those stones, I Smiled, I knew exactly why they were in here. I recollected everything and it helped me reduce my stress and sadness. That stones were my Happy Moment stones.

Whenever something made me happy, I stepped down near my Building garden, picked up a stone.  And the size quantified the level of my happiness. If i was very happy then it would be a big stone and if less happy it would be a small pebble. But every happy moment would be recorded in this bag which turned out to be a treasure now. Even the smallest happiness was in my bag. And you would not believe this that in those 1.5-2 years actually there were too many things that made me happy.  361,362....385,386. That Count actually went upto 386. That was a real big treasure for me.

Growing up with responsibilities on our Shoulders we forget good things, we forget happiness and gradually forget to smile and get depressed for about every thing in life.  But no friends there are a lot of things that has made you happy and probably in near future, you will be happier. But during sad times you just see sadness."The impact of negative occasions stay for a longer time" Says a research.
 So start collecting these Happy stones and keep a letter for the future-You saying that “These are the Happy moments that i have spent” and you will see by yourself that there is nothing in being depressed all the life out and gradually those stones will bring a positive vibe as soon as you see the "Happy moments Bag”. Be happy and Live Strong.

I have kept this same bag on my work shelf.I have resumed my collection and whenever i am depressed or under Stress. I go to this bag open it and my happy moments. I get happy, change my mood, with a little concentration i can do things in efficient and effective way.
I really suggest every one of you to start doing this. This is a very easy start of being positive. Being Emotional. Feeling yourself. And Loving your being.
You can do this to yourself and keep yourself very happy always.

Rushabh (Jhonty) 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Encoded Soldier 1 & 2

Once walking to an important destination,
I had lost all my directions.
Reached to an enemy’s spot,
Against whom we had recently fought.

The Silence was at its peak,
Even the crows had lost their beaks.
Suddenly A knife in my back,
Yes , it was an enemy attack.

The rising pain made me cry,
They too left me high and dry.
Still lying on ground,
Waiting myself to get rot,
I started to remember my training that i forgot.

“ A Soldier never gives up ”
 “ A Soldier lives Strong “

Somehow I ran back to my sand,
Pain and Strength bought me back to my motherland.


Today that Unknown direction, 
Has become my Important Destination.
My thirst, I will Quench,
I have come back for a revenge.

This Silence makes me naustalgic,
And suddenly the wound starts to hurt,
Mind calculates a threat,
But the heart is always ready to bet.

Procrastinating things now,
It serves me as a guide.
Wounds of the last battle,
Still hurts me inside.

The Walk of Pride ,
And the talks of honour,
Later made my nights a horror.

Don’t attack from my behind,
Army men don’t do that.
Shoot a bullet ,
From Front ,
ON my chest,
Ill open my arms & welcome it,
 as if it was my guest.

We Live Strong. We don't fear death. 

A soldier never dies.

A Soldier martyrs ! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Even they are Humans.

I came across a very miraculous place, a place where 100’s die and 1000’s take birth. You see all type of Eyes here; Happy ones, sad ones, Old ones, New ones. All of them look up to God with only one feeling- HOPE. A hope that all goes well.
Can you guess what place is this?

Yes, it is a hospital.

Everything in the hospital has to be perfect. Even a slightest mistake can cause huge errors. That is why you see doctors’ & nurses all geared up, as if getting ready for a war- Scrubbed hands, Gloves, Mask, Surgical wear, sanitized equipments. When they are in the ‘O.R’, all they have is just few seconds to take a decision. One small mistake and the patient could die. There is No Margin for Error as we say that in the Management terms. They become Gods for people, because they give us new & healthier lives and we become grateful to them.

But what if that red light goes off and the doctor comes out with that ‘I am Sorry Face’?
World shatters in front of you, because you have just lost a person you loved the most. You see images of that person. Memories flush in. The Happy times, the emotional times. You feel the world has crashed. You start hating the Doctor. The doctor becomes a villain from an anticipated hero, an anticipated God.
He is 
no God No Devil. No Good No EVIL. He is merely a saviour; a saviour tries to save the lives. He always wishes to have a cheerful face and only happy news when the operations are over. Because telling people about their loss is miserable.
Still every time with high hopes, higher determination and 100% confidence they enter their stage. Try and perform better, best and save lives. They help them survive. They become their saviours.
They must have tried their best to save the patient’s life. Tried to bring them back from death because 
No one likes to be unsuccessful. Lose a Battle.

Just don’t hate them!
Because even they are humans ...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

MARD - The Rape Case

They tried killing her with a rod,
That too in a daylight broad…..
Give justice to her cry and her every tear,
Against those who have raped her without any fear…..
Get up for her, don’t ask the question why and who ?Tomorrow that who, might turn out to be You….!!
Today I stand up for her, and the entire Womanhood ,
Because I can't see this going on, in my own neighbourhood… 
Support her, support your sisters….
So that in future around them no one lingers… 
Don’t be frightened,
Don’t be a coward….
Be a MAN!! and Stop seeing them get tortured….. 
Where is all of this going?
What will emerge from these seeds that we’re sowing? 
In the Womb they are aborted,
If  born are assaulted …
The Country where Goddesses are prayed,
But the girls are Preyed!! 
What do I tell my daughter?
That she’s growing up to be lamb for the slaughter....  
Skirt or saree anything she can wear,
Nothing gives anyone, any right to tear…!
We all need to go and show that we care,
and say...
Don’t worry my child, Ill be there…!!! 
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Rain drops...

(Mood : Heartbreak , Alone , Cheat , Dumped , for someone , I love her she loved me bt now she loves some one else)

The falling raindrops couldn't show the tear,
Those rising heartbeats just couldn't stop the fear ...

I made you laugh being a clown 
Because I could never see you down ....
Go ahead, complete your drama,
Hell  is waiting for you says your "good" karma....! (Pun Intended)

With all our efforts , this relation we did make ,
Including you , my everything is at stake..
Seeing u with someone else,
Gives me a terrible ache..
I just want one answer ... 
Was it my mistake ..?????

I don't want to hear the truth ,
Please don't break my faith ,
On my face don't tell me a lie,
Instead juz turn around and wave me a bye...

My beats run inro a pace,
As if I were in some race,
Winning you had been my only aim,
Our relation is now just a game....

My heart becomes a cloud and Eyes start flowing like rain ,
I just feel like crying aloud ,
When you be the reason to my pain ..!! 

Our relation he breached,
Every colour u ditched...
You tell me to move on,
What if the other one does the same con..?

Everything is burning inside,
And nothing seems to be right,
Now even the tears have dried...
Babby, atleast show me a place to hide...

You know, you No,
Give me no call ,
My lil baby , oh doll....
But when I try to call,
I only hear
      "the number you are called is busy on some another call" .....

I feel lonely ,
even in the presence of this crowd,
Never in my life,
I have heard this silence so loud ...

I laugh on myself 
for the love I have showered ,
Now I face a drought ,
And they call me a coward...

The falling raindrops couldn't show the tear,
Those rising heartbeats just couldn't stop the fear ...