Sunday, April 19, 2015

Forever and Always.

Forever and always.

The Colourful World you Show me,
I fly there, Like Everyday !
The Meaning of Love you teach me,
I feel it , Like Everday.
You are Here, Where I am
Why don’t you hug me, Like forever.
I am giving myself to you
Don’t Worry, I’ll love you Like Forever.

I feel I have lost my heart,
But I have won you.
I AM HAPPY, Please come and meet me.
The place where,
 I wait for you, everyday,
Like Forever.

The Bounds will not stop me.
Because I know its you.
I know you are here with me.
I can feel your hands around my back.

That Cold breeze in the Mornings you blow over me.
I know its you!
I miss your Kisses!
But You Kiss me Every night Under Our Silky Quilt, The One you gifted me.
I miss our Conversations Every Night, Like Forever.

I will Find you. And be with you Like Forever.
I can feel your Presence even today,
I can say you left me Stranded here,
Where I don’t belong to !
I Belong to you!
Meet me now !
Take me with you!

I am a Knock on the Door,
The Door, Which leads me to You.
I am the Silence Spot, In this Place. Like Forever,

I breath, I don’t know why ?
I Wake up, I Don’t Why ?
Why Did You GO ?

I will meet you every time.
I will take all my births for you.
But Promise to meet me every time., Like Forever.

I want to find you Just like I Had never Lost you.
I know that you don’t Know that I am Forever Yours.

Every Night is a Peaceful Passage because of Your Presence
Somewhere Deep I know you will Come to take me.
I don’t know, how will I leave this world to be with you.
But I trust you to deepest corner of my Soul.
Breaking all the Bounds
We will come Close.
TO stay with Each Other, Like Forever.

I know in every breath you exist.
The More I feel you, the More I get you to myself!
In every Drive in Every Ride of my Life,
I feel you. I want to be with you.
The More I Feel you, the more you be mine,
You are meant for me , Like Forever.

I lost my self for you , then.
I loose my self every time, even today.
I live my life the way You Used to.
I am Yours, Like Forever.

No one can Stop us to be with each other,
Not Even Death.
I know you are Somewhere Far away.
But it couldn’t take your Memories.
Those Beautiful memories, which stayed with me, Like FOREVER.

You will be there , Like Forever.
I’ll Love you, Like Foerever.
 “ Because Some things are LIKE Forever.